[Interview] The Return of the StarCraft II King, Jung Jong Hyun AKA MVP

The huge crowd gathered at AX-Korea to watch the finals of the 2012 GSL (Global STARCRAFT II League) Season 2 was again wowed by the performance of the king of StarCraft II, Jung Jong Hyun (herein, MVP) who plays for LG-IM (Incredible Miracle) team. The finals saw him defeat Squirtle in what many say was the greatest finals in the history of the tournament. Not only did the victory secure him the title of being the first to ever win the GSL tournament four times, but it also welcomed him back to his well deserved position at the top.

The finals couldn’t have been more dramatic. Up 3-0 then tied to 3-3. Winning a game like a sudden death match is what separates a star player from ordinary players. And that is exactly what MVP proved.

As a proud sponsor of the LG-IM team in which MVP plays, LG blog team was fortunate to interview him right after he was crowned.

Congratulations! How do you feel after winning the finals?

Obviously, I was little bit anxious when Squirtle fought hard and came back to tie 3-3. But I think I was lucky in that I had more experiences than most of the other players, so that helped a lot in winning a game like this situation. Winning a sudden death definitely brought more excitement and thrill to me and to all the fans who were watching.

You talked about having relatively more experiences than other players, how does that help in winning the finals like this?

I think it makes you calmer. A lot of players often don’t take one game at a time you know. They have hard time controlling their emotion and mind whether they’re down or up big. But as you already saw, even after I was up 3-0, I took the last game as if it was just another game. Maybe was a bit nervous.

Haha, thanks for being candid. For curious fans out there, how was it all started? Can you tell us how you got into playing StarCraft II?

My dad bought StarCraft I when I was only like in sixth grade. And nope it wasn’t a present for me. He bought it so he can play. But, once I saw him playing that game, he looked like he was having so much fun, so I also started playing the game. And the rest is history as they say.

Well look at you now! By the way, we were wondering if there is any particular reason for you playing Terran?

Haha, a lot of people ask me this. I am human and Terran is human so… there is your answer!! I don’t have any other reason for picking Terran. But now that I’ve played this race for a long time, Terran is better for defense and good for long-term game management compared with other races.

How many hours do you practice per day?

Well, it depends but it ranges from five to ten hours. But I’ve also played more than 24 hours straight when big tournaments are just ahead.

Wow, how do you do that? I mean your eyes must be in bad condition after playing the game like that.

Yap, that’s why I’m very sensitive and picky about what kind of monitor I use. Our team is really fortunate when it comes to getting the best monitors because LG provides us with their absolutely terrific LG IPS monitors.

Happy that we meet the criteria of a celebrated, renowned gamer! What do you think of LG IPS monitors?

Well, all players think when it comes to monitors, richness in color and picture quality matter the most. And I agree too. When playing tournaments abroad, I have had experiences where a monitor lacked color richness. It made my eyes tired. But practicing with LG IPS monitors, I was really satisfied with its picture quality and color representation. It makes me play the game for a long time in comfort and it is also very easy to look at the minimap on the screen.

For my manager, he can oversee how all the players practice from behind because the monitor has wide viewing angles.

Cool. Before we go, any special game tips from the world top ranker for our Blog readers out there trying to be like you?

Well… it’s secret. I do this for a living. Hah okay… for the blog readers, I’ll let you know one critical tip. It’s easy and simple.

Don’t try to follow too closely with the Build. It is just a guideline. Rather, stay focused on managing resources and your unit population. And, stick to the game plan. Even if you are being attacked, proceed to your next step as planned.

Thank you for having a candid interview with us. We will continue to root for you and hope to see your continued prosperous success in StarCraft II!

For our blog readers, this is only Part I. For those who closely follow StarCraft II, the LG blog team has prepared a special posting that reveals the daily life of MVP.

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